Daddy Day Care


(out of 5)

After losing his cushy advertising job, decides to beat the doldrums of being a stay-at-home dad by opening up a day care centre with his former business partner (). At first the project is a huge mess, but eventually the chaos sorts itself out and Murphy turns out to be super with kids, particularly in bonding with his own depressed son. There has to be a villain, so this time it takes the form of a stern headmistress () of a preschool for overachievers who does everything to stop Murphy’s business from taking off. This extremely dull film is absolutely no fun for the kids considering it has very few zany moments, and charmless for adults since it has no emotional value worth noting (though, to his credit, Murphy sells all the more touching scenes with his son credibly and without cheesy manipulation). Director Steve Carr should be shot for wasting such incredible talent: if only he had trusted the little tyke co-stars and let them shine more, or let Murphy indulge in the kind of comedy that he excels at the film would be a real charmer. Instead, we watch Garlin get attacked by bees and take knocks to the head while the rest of the cast sits around and collects a big, fat paycheque. ‘s charisma is nowhere to be found and she is wasted as Murphy’s patient wife, Huston’s beauty and devilish wickedness is undercooked and not really evil enough, and  doesn’t get to really go wild with his humorous Trekkie character.

Revolution Studios, Davis Entertainment, Day Care Productions

USA, 2003

Directed by

Screenplay by

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by 

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

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