(out of 5)

Inspired by the magnificent works of Yasujiro Ozu, director Wim Wenders travels to Japan where he hopes to find the fabric of Ozu’s finest films. Instead, he stumbles upon a culture that is much more anxious to move ahead into the modern world than remain in some starry-eyed past, however romantic it might be. This interesting trip-tych doesn’t have too much to offer Ozu’s most ardent fans except for one very memorable sequence where Wenders interviews the great actor , star of most of Ozu’s most famous masterpieces. Otherwise its greatest interest lies in its very curious capturing of mid-80s Tokyo in all of its glory.

, , , ,

USA/West Germany, 1985

Directed by

Screenplay by Wim Wenders

Cinematography by 

Produced by , Wim Wenders

Music by

Film Editing by , , Wim Wenders

Cast Tags:  , ,



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