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Ah, the eighties, when being rich and young in the movies was served without even the smallest helping of irony. (in his film debut) plays a kid from a working class, small-town family who receives a scholarship in his senior year to study at an intense prep school as a way to improve his chances for getting into Harvard. He becomes best friends with his silver-spooner roommate (), enjoying the wild nights and harmless pranks that the A-list students indulge in, hoping to find a girl who will make a man out of him. That he gets when he is picked up at a bar by a 40-something beauty () and becomes deeply enamoured of her until he discovers that she’s actually Lowe’s mom.  Although it has a pretty fun plot, the film is never for a moment funny, nor does it indulge enough in the kind of exploitative bawdy ribaldry that Italian sex comedies have been mining for years. It’s a film that tries too hard to have what its title suggests, when what would really sell it would be a stronger commitment to a lack of taste.

USA, 1983

Directed by

Screenplay by ,

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by , ,

Film Editing by ,


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