It’s A Wonderful Life


(out of 5)

Perennial Christmas classic that director Frank Capra’s name is most often attached to and that really is as good as its reputation would have it. James Stewart is a depressed husband and father on Christmas Eve who, thanks to all his personal and financial problems, wishes the world had been created without him, because he’s pretty sure it would have been better that way. A visiting angel begs to differ, giving him a magical glimpse of the way things would be if he had never come along. The film was dismissed as ‘Capracorn’ upon its release by critics, but later television viewers recognized it for the feel-good classic that it really is. Stewart’s personality fits into Capra’s idealistic world with the comfort of a well-worn glove.

Liberty Films

USA, 1946

Directed by

Screenplay by , , Frank Capra, additional scenes by , from a story by

Cinematography by , ,

Produced by Frank Capra

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Award Nominations
Best Actor (James Stewart as “George Bailey”)
Best Directing (Frank Capra)
Best Film Editing (William Hornbeck)
Best Motion Picture (Liberty Films)
Best Sound Recording (RKO Radio Studio Sound Department, John Aalberg, sound director)

Golden Globe Award
Best Director (Frank Capra)

Annex - Stewart, James (It's a Wonderful Life)_NRFPT_03ItsAWonderfulLife


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