(out of 5)

A masterful combination of science-fiction, horror and action, not to mention family drama, this James Cameron classic is a textbook example of Hollywood filmmaking as both entertainment and thought-provoking political commentary.    is once again the unbeatable Ellen Ripley, surviving member of the ship Nostromo who has been awakened from hypersleep decades after she first fought the nasty alien and barely made out with her life. The planet that she and her crew first encountered the creature on has been colonized for mining purposes by a greedy corporation and, owing to her experience, she is asked to go back to investigate the sudden loss of communication from the human settlers there. With a crew of hotheaded, uncooperative soldiers (this is where the politics come in, Vietnam disillusionment thrown into a mess of Reagan-era materialism), Ripley lands on a desolate rock that turns out to have been taken over by a whole army of nasty creatures who are lethally dangerous to their very last breath. Chaos ensues, and between the top-notch acting, tightscrew direction and state of the art visual effects that are still impressive more than two decades later, you’ll find you’ve never had such a good time being scared out of your mind. Weaver, earning an unheard of Oscar nomination in the horror genre, is the ultimate in action hero: she is maternally vulnerable when dealing with a little girl who is the only human survivor on the planet, and uncompromisingly tough when needed to blast the villains into outer space for good. And then there’s her showdown with the Queen of the aliens herself! There’s just no comparison, this movie is the top of the heap.

Twentieth Century Fox, Brandywine Productions, SLM Production Group

USA/United Kingdom, 1986

Directed by

Story by James Cameron, David Giler, , Screenplay by James Cameron, based on characters created by ,

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1986

Golden Globe Awards 1986


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