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Luis Bunuel made so many five-star films that it’s hard to just say which is his masterpiece, but this one definitely comes closer than most. Viridiana (a marvelous ) is a sweet and innocent nun who goes to live with her dirty old man uncle (), who becomes immediately obsessed with her gorgeous looks and is desperate to get under her habit. Naturally, kinky Catholic imagery ensues, until Viridiana is left to run the house by herself and uses it to take in the local poor people in the hopes of improving their lives. Lots of social commentary and witty observations, but full of Bunuel’s typical subtlety and wit.

Unión Industrial Cinematográfica, Gustavo Alatriste, Films 59

Spain/Mexico, 1961

Directed by

Screenplay by Luis Bunuel, , based on the novel Halma by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Podcast:  My Criterions

Cannes Film Festival 1961



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