Men Don’t Leave


(out of 5)

 struggles to put her life back together after her husband dies in a car accident. Now saddled with two boys to raise and a house she can no longer afford, she works hard to get herself a job after having been a housewife for so long, while also trying to allow herself enough room to grieve for the man she loved so dearly.  and  are both excellent as her sensitive sons who also have to put a little effort into moving on with their lives, O’Donnell a particular delight in his relationship with an older X-Ray technician (). It’s no Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, but it is moving and not manipulative, with Lange being an especially good reason to watch it. Remade from the French film La Vie Continue.

The Geffen Company

USA, 1990

Directed by 

Screen story by , Screenplay by Barbara Benedek, Paul Brickman, based on the film La Vie Continue by 

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by , ,

Film Editing by

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