Driving Lessons


(out of 5)

Young  lives under the thumb of his religiously conservative mother () and miserable, church minister father (). After deciding to take a summer job, he becomes the personal assistant to a once-famous, now falling-down-drunk has-been actress (). Becoming her friend as well as helper, Grint takes a road trip with Walters when she is asked to participate in a book reading that could be her comeback to the big time; the experience is one that broadens the young man’s horizons and pushes him towards choosing between the life of freedom that Walters endorses (and is a representative, cautionary tale of) or staying in the safety of his mother’s religious comfort zone. Bright performances, most especially a wonderfully energetic Walters, and an ending that avoids any pat-happy conclusions are the highlights of an otherwise surprisingly forgettable experience.

ContentFilm, Rubber Tree Plant, UK Film Council

United Kingdom, 2006

Directed by

Screenplay by Jeremy Brock

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by ,

Production Design by

Costume Design by 

Film Editing by

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