Stuck In Love


(out of 5)

Original title:  Writers

Josh Boone’s directorial debut is an uncomfortable combination of elements: grown-ups whose arguments and frustrations are impressively sympathetic, and young people whose angst belongs somewhere in the pages of a teen magazine.  has never been more attractive as a successful novelist who is struggling with his divorce from , who has moved on to a marriage with a hot young personal trainer while he spends his time avoiding his work and spying on her through her window at night. Both his children are aspiring to his career choice as well, with son  trying to get his creative forces flowing despite the fact that he’s far more interested in a self-destructive girl in school, and sister  scoring a publishing deal while also doing her best to enjoy sex with boys without the slightest bit of romance or commitment. All these strands are hoisted into the air and held together well by Boone’s canny script, with Connelly a standout among them all in her most captivating and humanely charming performance ever. Up until now she has been a superb imitator of human behavior, but her scenes with Kinnear make for the most indelible emotions she has put on screen (the way she tells him he “mopes” hooks you in to see what she will do next). The film’s downsides are that the subplots with the younger kids take a more formulaic route; Collins barely has the chops to keep up with the rest of a much more accomplished cast, which also includes  as her love interest, who acts circles around her without barely breaking a sweat, and a hilarious  as Kinnear’s lunchtime fuck buddy.

, ,

USA, 2012

Directed by

Screenplay by Josh Boone

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Toronto International Film Festival 2012

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