Two Brothers And Two Others


(out of 5)

Director Richard Bell followed four actors around Vancouver with a camera for approximately a year with no crew, incurring a whopping budget of $545 Canadian and producing this little featurette about the reunion of two estranged brothers. Chad, the elder of the two, had left their small town and come to the big city years earlier when their father died, and now younger sibling Riley has joined the fray following the death of their mother. Riley is finally able to explore his burgeoning sexuality once he arrives in Vancouver, and deal with ghosts of the past that continue to haunt him and his brother. Considering its trappings, this film is surprisingly well-acted and directed; I can’t say much for the story, which never goes anywhere particularly surprising, but it’s an easy watch for its 60-odd minutes.

Bell Movies, Crescent Productions

Canada, 2001

Directed by

Screenplay by Richard Bell

Cinematography by Richard Bell

Produced by Richard Bell

Music by

Film Editing by


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