(out of 5)

Highly inventive thriller mixes media and genres with beautiful results. A famous opera diva is known around the world for her gorgeous voice and for the fact that she refuses to ever commit her talent to a recording (she feels it deadens the artistic quality). A young motorcycle courier secretly tapes one of her concerts with a hidden machine in his coat, then by chance while he is going home a woman on the run from the mob drops another cassette into his bag that gets mixed up with the singer’s. Now he is in possession of some very important evidence against very bad criminals, and has no idea why they are after him and trying to kill him. Meanwhile, he strikes up a friendship with the diva and runs the risk of her finding out his purloining her voice on tape. An excellent screenplay and marvelous direction make for a terrific comedy-drama-thriller-musical that you won’t want to avoid. It also captures the alternative arts scene of early eighties Europe with such delicious detail that you’ll be overrun with nostalgia while watching it.

Les Films Galaxie, Greenwich Film Productions, France 2

France, 1981

Directed by

Adaptation by Jean-Jacques Beineix, , dialogue by Jean-Jacques Beineix, based on the novel by

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by Hilton McConnico

Film Editing by ,

New York Film Critics Awards 1982.

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