Long Night’s Journey Into Day (2000)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBBB

USA, 2000.  Reid-Hoffmann Productions.  Cinematography by , Frances Reid.  Produced by Frances Reid.  Music by .  Film Editing by Deborah Hoffmann, .  

It is impossible for you not to be thoroughly moved by this gut-wrenching documentary. It details the efforts of the post-apartheid South African government to reconcile its past with its optimistic future through the Truth And Reconciliation Commission. Those focused on in the film include former police officers who seek asylum for their participation in government-ordered massacres, as well as activists who seek the same for efforts that led to the deaths of innocent people. There are also people who were brutalized during that time who wish to finally have their stories be heard, and long-dead heroes who can finally be put to their rest. There is no describing how powerful this film is, but absolutely everyone with even the slightest interest in human rights (and if you don’t fall into that category, why?) must see it. It’s an important and unforgettable document in the annals of conflict history.

Academy Award Nomination:  Best Documentary Feature

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