Sister Act


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBB.  

This tune-filled Disney comedy came out of nowhere to become one of the biggest hits of the year. is marvelous as a lounge singer and mobster’s girlfriend who needs help from the police to hide out after she sees her boyfriend () bump off a couple of his stooges. The police hide her in a local convent run by a stern Mother Superior (), and it’s not long before she turns the church’s tone-deaf choir into a Motown-savvy rock group. Lots of delights and surprises abound, particularly in supporting performances by , , and as fellow habit-wearers, topped off by a fantastic soundtrack.

Touchstone Pictures, Touchwood Pacific Partners 1.  

USA, 1992.  

Screenplay by .  

Cinematography by .  

Produced by .  

Music by .  

Production Design by .  

Costume Design by .  

Film Editing by , .  

Golden Globe Awards 1992.

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