(out of 5)

Robert Altman’s masterful cross-section of classic Americana is still a terrific, fascinating mosaic of stories even after all these years. The multi-plotted narrative follows a huge group of characters as they interact with each other during a country music festival in Nashville, Tennessee.   is unforgettable as the mother of two deaf children who must figure out what to do when a playboy folk singer () comes to town to start a love affair with her.   plays a tone-deaf hopeful star whose dreams end in degradation,  tries to get his errant niece () to visit his wife in the hospital, while next door the jewel of country music () lies ill from over-exhaustion. There’s also  as a snooty BBC reporter,  as another successful singer, cameos by  and  as themselves, and so very much more! Then, there’s the music: the soundtrack never stops pumping out one twangy tune after another, most of which were written by the actors who sing them (as per Altman’s encouragement). The best of the bunch are some beautiful numbers sung by Blakely, the Gary Busey-written “Since You’ve Gone” (which he was to perform until he was replaced by Carradine) and the Oscar-winning ballad “I’m Easy” by Carradine.

, , Paramount Pictures

USA, 1975

Directed by 

Screenplay by 

Cinematography by 

Produced by Robert Altman

Music by , , , , , , ,

Production Design by

Film Editing by ,

Academy Awards 1975

Golden Globe Awards 1975

National Board of Review Awards 1975.  

New York Film Critics Awards 1975.  

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