Return To The Beloved (Retour A La Bien-Aimee)

Retour A La Bien AimeeBBB.5

(out of 5)

Prettily photographed French melodrama, played out in a minor key.    is a pianist who is still burned over the breakup of his marriage to , who is now happily situated with new husband .  With thoroughly planned out, almost Chabrol-like delicacy, Dutronc creates an elaborate scheme that results in him murdering a man on Ganz’s property and making it seem as if his romantic rival is the guilty party. When police come along and start asking questions, Huppert needs emotional support and reaches for her ex-husband, who seizes the opportunity to work his way back into his old life. The film doesn’t quite commit enough to one direction or the other: it’s neither a creepy tale of obsession nor a richly emotional romance, but the performances are well executed and it’s always lovely to look at.

France, 1979

Directed by

Screenplay by Jean-Francois Adam, , ,

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Costume Design by

Cast Tags:  , , , , ,, ,

Cesar Award Nomination
Best Sound



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