I Zavoliara (1960)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  B.5

Greece, 1960.  Adams Film.  Screenplay by Marios Adamis.   Cinematography by Kostas Theodoridis.  

Early Greek feature obviously made on a small budget with limited resources. A fishing boat captain is injured by one of his crew, a jealous man in love with the captain’s daughter (), and is forced to stay home and recuperate. His second in command () is the man the young girl truly loves, and he becomes the object of the jealous man’s wrath. When the girl joins the fishermen on their boat as they head towards dangerous waters in search of a better bounty of fish, the situation becomes dire: the dangers of the waters they face are nothing compared to the challenge of dealing with the romantic rival who is also a crewman of the boat. A very routine story is buoyed by some intensely gorgeous black and white photography of Greece, but the acting is lamentably bad and the dialogue is obviously post-dubbed throughout the entire thing.

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