Jacques Rivette

Brody-Jacques-Rivette-810Born March 1, 1928 in Rouen, France, Rivette is considered by many to have begun the New Wave with his breakthrough film.  He is also considered the most literary minded of all the directors of his generation.

He made his first short, Aux Quatre Coins, in 1949.  His next short Le Quadrille was made in 1950.

His first feature, Le Divertissement, came out in 1952 and was followed by the short Le Coup du Berger in 1956.

He made his mark with Paris Belongs To Usthought of by many as the first film to initiate the Nouvelle Vague.

He followed it with an adaptation of Diderot, The Nun starring Anna Karina, in 1966.

In 1967 he directed four episodes of Cineastes De Notre Temps about Jean Renoir.

L’Amour Fou was his next feature in 1969.

In 1971 he made Out 1, which was followed by Out 1: Spectre in 1972.

Juliet Berto in Celine And Julie Go Boating

Dominique Labourier and Juliet Berto in Celine And Julie Go Boating

One of his most beloved films, Celine And Julie Go Boatingwas made in 1974, which was the inspiration for the later film Desperately Seeking Susan.  The same year he also made the shorts Naissance Et Mont de Promethee and Essai Sur L’Agression.

In 1976, he made two films, Duelle and Noroit.

His next films did not come out until 1981, when he released two features, Le Pont Du Nord and Merry-Go-Round and a short, Paris S’en Va.

He released Love On The Ground in 1984.

His modernized adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights came out in 1985.

The Gang Of Four was his next film in 1989.

His most acclaimed and discussed film in years, La Belle Noiseuse, came out in 1991 and took second place at Cannes.

In 1992 he released Divertimento.

His epic film about Joan of Arc came out in two parts in 1994: Jeanne La Pucelle I – Les Batailles and Jeanne La Pucelle II – Les Prisons.

1995 saw the release of Up, Down, Fragile.  That same year he directed the segment “Jacques Rivette/Paris” in Lumiere And Company.

These were followed by Secret Defense in 1998.

Jeanne Balibar and Sergio Castellitto in Va Savoir

Jeanne Balibar and Sergio Castellitto in Va Savoir

Va Savoir was his most acclaimed film in ten years, released in 2001.

A late life masterpiece, The Story of Marie And Julienpremiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2003.

His next film was an adaptation of Balzac, The Duchess of Langeaisin 2007, which also featured one of the last film appearances of Guillaume Depardieu.

His final film was a strangely truncated and unaffecting film, Around A Small Mountain in 2009.

Rivette died in France on January 29, 2016.